Our mission is to supply rural government elementary schools throughout the Philippines, beginning on Mindanao, with modern educational equipment, food and clothing. We do this by dedicating profits generated through AEGIS, and from donations by private individuals, businesses and / or institutional entities.

We are a non-religious, non-profit organization, completely un-affiliated with governments or faith-based groups. Your contributions are turned into tangible assets for learning, like Smart Boards, laptops, internet connections, food and clothing. The RTWF does not construct “things”, like buildings, tent cities or soup kitchens – We enhance the system of education that is already in place. Filipino teachers, some of the finest in the world, know how best to educate their children.

It is official RTWF policy to strictly and absolutely withhold from discussing matters of personal faith, or those of others, for any reason, at any time. In Visaya, our message is, “Gisugo kita sa ginoo nga dili storyahan ang atoa relihiyon o relihiyon sa lain sa mabug at na rason. Ania kita dinhi para magserbisyo sa Pilipinas. The RTWF Mantra is simple: Help children get the best education possible through the betterment of existing schools, working “from the inside out”. Remember us more easily by www.HelpPhilippineSchools.org, and please tell everyone you know.

The Robert T. Wagner foundation is a United States 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation and wholly affiliated with Help Philippine Schools, Inc., a Philippine SEC – Registered Non-Profit Corporation.