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WITS (Wagner Interactive Teaching System) - Comprised of a teacher’s laptop coupled with a smart projector

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Our successful event with AMCHAM’S(AMERICAN CHAMBER EVENT FUND RAISER-MOVIE NIGHT Entitled “FORGOTTEN SOLDIERS” for F.A.M.E (Filipino-American Memorial Endowment) we thank AMCHAM for selecting us, and know that the proceeds earned from the event will also go to Charity, we hope more events like this will occur more often, so we can also help more schools! […]

Upcoming Donation for Libsong Elementary School

Today, computers are quickly becoming an essential part in learning, that is why we are donating computers and projectors to Libsong Elementary school. When we went to the place to see how it is, to our surprise Teacher Celia Alvarez showed us all the chairs moved out of the classrooms, the kids are being taught […]

Delivery of Solar Lights to Aeta village “Haduan”

The residents of Haduan have never had electricity before.  That night, the entire village was lit up for the very first time.   The next project is to drill a deep water well that will alleviate their need to trek up and down huge hills to a polluted river with water jugs on their heads.

Recent Trip to Aeta Village of Haduan

  Help Philippine Schools Foundation went there last February 4 to inspect the water well with members of 2 local Rotary Clubs that needs to be refurbished.

Delivery of Solar Lights to Aeta village “Haduan”

LATEST WIT SYSTEM DONATION: Jim Ang of Princeton, New Jersey, now living in Bacolod, presenting 9 Laptops with 9 Smart Projectors, to the Bata Elementary I school in Bacolod, Negros Occidental.

Supporting our efforts to help Philippine kids has nothing to do with putting a band-aid on poverty. By making state-of-the art teaching technology available, while at the same time seeing to the need for proper food and clothing, your contributions insure a prosperous personal and professional future for young minds in a country that has more trade growth potential than Singapore, Thailand, and Korea, combined.

Given a good start with opportunities to achieve, the 4th grader growing up today in a squatter camp will – within only 10 short years – develop into the green technologies developer, biophysicist or environmental engineer your organization will employ, making the planet a better place for all of us.

An investment in Philippine schools is an investment in the future of our world… the world of our children.

In accordance with IRS Publication 526 (2009), Charitable Contributions to Schools are 100% Deductible.