To enable kids  to have a better future. That is our dream, our motto. “If you plant the seed, they will succeed”. Which is why we are donating 10 ea. Acer Switch 10 Laptop/Tablets, 10 Unic WiFi Projectors, 10 Scandisk Flash Drives, 10 mice, and 20 solar lights. whose total is around 400k to Libsong Elementary School. Because Today, computers are quickly becoming an essential part in learning, and what better way to open up their future, other than to immerse themselves in technology, at a young age. because with the internet, they gain more access to the English language, and the more they gain access to the English language the more opportunities will open up for them.


libsong-unic-proj-2 libsong-equip-2 libsong-collage libsong-acer-s10-2