Amanda Abizaid with the Aeta children

US Recording Artist Amanda Abizaid Visited the Aeta children from Haduan village, Pampanga and they accompanied her in their native language.
below is a sample of her song and what she thought about the experience.

“Walking In Twos feat. Stephen Stills” Written and Produced by Amanda Abizaid

“Walking In Twos” is a song I have written and produced about my experiences with the Aeta Filipino children when abroad last year. I was the first white woman they had ever met. I shook hands with every child and they told me their names. This is how the magic of this song began.

The village of Haduan is situated in the Southeastern foothills of the Pinatubo Volcano Range, across the Secovia Lahar River Basin. I had to walk a few miles through rugged dirt paths, and a wide river and a tropical wet dirt hike through the mountains to get to where they live. When I arrived at their village, I entered their little stone classroom and soon began singing to my acoustic guitar instrumental of “Walking In Twos” walking in between the tables and chairs reaching out touching the children’s hands. They smiled and their eyes lit up. In their indigenous language they yelled out how much they loved the melody, clapping joyfully and asked what did it mean. That’s when I knew I was on to something special. On the way back, a barefoot little girl Lilibeth walked by my side, and together we hiked down the mountain, crossing the unstable wooden roped bridge high over the river to the other side. We walked until we reached the paved road—the main entry of their village to civilization.

For the Aeta agree to record on my song “Walking In Twos” is a first time event for them and for the world to hear these children’s voices. To also have Stephen Stills guitar performance and support of the Aeta children is a great opportunity for me to share with you how I can help them through music.

Portion of the proceeds will go to

Thank you! Amanda

Amanda Abizaid_Walking In Twos feat. Stephen Stills