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A Merry Christmas for Vigo Elementary School, Lubang Island

by rtwf2318

Lubang Island sits 25 miles NW of Mindoro and was known for Lt. Hiroo Onoda, the last Japanese soldier from WWII to surrender, in 1975. It has an abundance of fresh food, clean water and air. Marine 7 had to wait a few days for Tropical Storm Urduja to blow through before launching into the […]

Delivery of Solar Lights to Aeta village “Haduan”

by rtwf2318

The residents of Haduan have never had electricity before.  That night, the entire village was lit up for the very first time.   The next project is to drill a deep water well that will alleviate their need to trek up and down huge hills to a polluted river with water jugs on their heads.

Philippine Air Force Elementry

by rtwf2318

Today Help Philippine Schools Foundation donated 5 laptops and 5 projectors to the Philippine Air Force Elementry School with a special guest Ambassador Harry Thomas

Air Force City High School

by rtwf2318

Help Philippine Schools give a generous donation to the Air Force City High School. The donation included 4 Smart Board Projector for four of the class rooms and 4 laptops for the teachers

Robert Ferreira Does it again

by rtwf2318

AEGIS Client and Help Philippine Schools Foundation Donor, Robert Faerreira proud owner of does it again donating food and clothes to a near by Elementary School in Cebu City, Philippines.